"Let's Begin Being Human"
Master Ashraf Khan
Trustee's Message

Shakil Ashraf Khan (Trustee)

Ever since I have been old enough to carry the legacy of my father I have believed in one thin g- we don’t restrict to any one religion or purpose; we don’t rest until our mission is accomplished; we don’t stop until the world is a better place. My whole family has helped me to carry on this legacy and I am indeed lucky to have been blessed by this legacy and people who help me fulfil it.

Ashraf Shakil Khan (Managing Trustee)

It is one thing to run a charity and completely another to run it successfully. I have recently taken the responsibility to ensure everything runs smoothly so that we can help more and more families. Our legacy is to empower women and widows by giving them education, shelter and food; to empower needy children and orphans; to empower the helpless elderly people who don’t have a shelter or the ability to fend for themselves; to help unemployed people by setting up small scale business for them or helping them find a job or even create a job for them; to help riot victims by re-establishing them. In short, we have left no stones unturned in helping the world become a better place, which means a lot of work too. I am looking forward to shoulder all these responsibilities and continue our legacy.
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