"Let's Begin Being Human"
Master Ashraf Khan
About MAK Foundation


“To give a dream to those who have lost sleep.
To give a hope to those who have lost faith.
To give a smile to those who have lost everything.”


“To enable the powerless and empower them to make a powerful future for them and for the country as a whole.”

About MAK Foundation

Master Ashraf Khan Foundation or MAK Foundation was built with a single-minded mission of helping those who are powerless and make them so powerful that their future coincides with the future of our country. Our foundation has spanned three generations, established by the spiritual guide, a holy man, our Wali, master Ashraf Khan, carried further by his son Shakil Ashraf Khan and led today by Ashraf Shakil Khan. Master Ashraf Khan is immortal in our memories because of his mystical healing powers and philanthropic activities.
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